Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Adirondacks; where tangible family recreation is king!

One of my many job perks includes searching out new amenities and test driving the ones we have; for research purposes only, of course.

The Adirondacks lends itself to endless exploration and outdoor recreation opportunities, most of which rest just outside your door. We try to provide the necessary tools to encourage our guests to dive in!

Today's task was to paddle the Saranac Lake chain from our shore. For my companion I enlisted our 13 year old son, Dylan, defining my second task- quality time spent with a teenager.

We set out around 10am, which for Dylan was extremely early to be awake, let alone to be in a kayak. We paddled steadily around the bend of Lake Flower and headed towards Oseetah and the lock leading into Lower Saranac Lake. The water was calm as it most often is, and we passed quite a few other boaters while out. Any motor boats are always mindful of the no wake zones, everyone is just excited to be out on the lakes.

Only about 20 minutes in, we were among the views and shadows of the Adirondack High Peaks. Each mountain shape unique and playfully recognized in a guessing game. The beauty in this location,  just before the lower lock, is a true breath of fresh air. My company, only made the late morning better.

We paddled a bit further and passed a favorite jumping rock, then headed to the lower lock and enjoyed a packed lunch for two from the Lakeview Deli.

Back in our kayaks for our return trip the scenery is twice as good, and an eagle spotting was an awesome treat. The weather was hot enough for a dip in the lake, and the water temperature overall has been pleasantly warm all season long.

We were gone for only a couple hours and accomplished more than our original mission. Nope, the boats do not leak and still float, lakeview sandwiches are the best, the wheel at the lock is ridiculously fun to turn, and moms are still cool to hang out with.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's easy being green, and to stay green too!

We are fortunate to reside in the beautiful Adirondacks and to have creating your vacation as our job! For us at Gauthier's Saranac Lake Inn it was a natural choice to work towards leadership in green lodging. Our surroundings pave the way in our efforts and we look to them in reflection of each decision we make. We look forward to other properties joining us in our Platinum green designation and our guest feedback, including your choice to Stay Sustainable.

From our rain/lake water gardening system to large double paned windows for soaking in views, our property is built to suit an Adirondack eco conscious traveler. Always organic linens, local vendors, and solar pool heating, green travel does not sacrifice the guest experience but rather creates enhanced amenities and an overall creatively polished stay.

To join our Eco recreational amenities like fishing, complementary kayaks and canoes, this year we added our Green Transportation program! Now you can not only paddle into town in the kayaks but you can take advantage of our new fleet of bicycles to get around gas free! Completely tuned up and equipt with creative word locks, you can leave your car parked and explore like an Adirondacker! 

Ready to try Eco travel? Find a special to meet your needs